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Entertainment Guide 2018

Headline Entertainment Festivale 2018



9.30pm Headline – Claire Bowditch

Clare Bowditch is an ARIA Award-winning songwriter, sometimes actor (stars as Rosanna Harding on the hit Channel 10 show “Offspring”), speaker, writer and creative-business mentor. She’s had Top Ten albums, been named Rolling Stone Woman of the Year (Contribution to Culture), Yen Young Woman of the Year (music),  co-written with Gotye, toured with Leonard Cohen, written for Harpers Bazaar and the Drum, and currently hosts an Australian Music Show on Qantas.

In 2013, Clare launched Big Hearted Business, a new enterprise designed to teach creative people about business, and business people about creativity, in ways that make sense. 

Portrait of singer Claire Bowditch

8.00pm Support – J.R Reyne and the Paradise Three

Formed in Melbourne in 2007, J.R Reyne & The Paradise Three released their debut album to rave reviews, airwave-play and praise from Triple J, Triple R, and Triple M to name a few, toured the land playing everywhere from Queenscliff Music Festival, St Kilda Festival and The Gympie Country Music Muster, to headlining iconic venues like The Espy, Ding Dong Lounge and The Hopetoun… 

But their hiatus turned into quite a few years later, with J.R. putting his efforts into his acclaimed solo career, and working alongside numerous musical masters both here and abroad, ranging from local legends Paul Kelly, Missy Higgins, and Jessica Mauboy, to international greats Cat Power, Pat Benatar and just recently, Train.  So, it’s been a while between drinks for J.R. Reyne (vocals/guitar), Conor Gallacher (bass), Luke Cartwright (guitar) and Ryan Ferguson (drums), but the lads are back with a mighty bang, with a brand new Single and EP on it’s way for release over summer, and shows in tow. The rest, as they say, is history.

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9.30pm Headline – CHOIRBOYS

“It  was  the  beginning  of  something  that  every  kid  dreams  about,  starting  a  rock  'n'  roll  band  with  a bunch  of  friends  and  not  knowing  what  would  happen  next.”  -  Mark  Gable,  founding  member of CHOIRBOYS.

The  iconic CHOIRBOYS  are now  an  essential  part  of  our  Australian culture having  penned  one  of Australia’s  unofficial  anthems  ‘Run  To  Paradise’.  With other  great  Aussie  rock  hits such as ‘Boys Will Be Boys’, ‘Struggle Town’ and ‘Never Gonna Die’, the CHOIRBOYS epitomise the essence of the Australian pub-culture are viewed by many as the quintessential Australian rock band.  It is a fact that CHOIRBOYS have been entertaining the young and old for 30 years. They have multi-platinum albums and have survived when so many others have fallen.

8.00pm Support – Reece Mastin

"I'm pretty much sold on the rock 'n roll lifestyle and I wouldn't wanna give it up for anything in the world! I'm giving it all I've got with this album, and I want my fans to feel the spirit of good times throughout." says Reece Mastin.

Reece Mastin is the sound of now. He is the unequivocal breakout pop-star of 2012. Since winning The X-Factor in late 2011, the then seventeen year old  amassed a stockpile of  achievements including a 2 x Platinum #1 album, three consecutive chart-topping, radio-blasting singles (Aria Chart #1, #2, and #1 singles respectively), and most recently, a Platinum #1 DVD release. With his new album BEAUTIFUL NIGHTMARE released in 2012, Reece Mastin is set to cause further chaos on the charts, and is destined to become an even bigger Rock$tar.

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1.30pm Headline – Renee Geyer

Renée Geyer’s career has spanned four decades and is still going strong. A precocious jazz, blues and soul singer in her late teens; Countdown royalty in her 20s; a string of pop, soul and reggae hits spanning the 70s and 80s; her LA years in the studio with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Sting, Joe Cocker and Chaka Kahn; her 90s renaissance with Paul Kelly. She is a singer, a songwriter, producer, and author. 

In 2005 Renée was inducted into the ARIA Hall Of Fame, and in 2013 into The Age Music Victoria Hall of Fame, both proud occasions in which she joined the ranks of Australia’s most respected and accomplished musicians.  Renée Geyer started life as a sassy blues belter. Now she is the consummate entertainer with a proud body of work still transfixing audiences with the power of her music and voice. 

12.00pm Support - Deborah Conway accompanied by Willy Zygier

Deborah Conway has been a significant and eloquent contributor to Australian music for over 30 years. Her first band Do Re Mi topped the charts; her first solo album, String of Pearls achieved platinum sales while simultaneously becoming the most shoplifted album of that year. Conway met Willy Zygier in 1991 and together they have released albums that have attracted critical acclaim from reviewers and audience plaudits. In September 2016 they released their 9th studio collaboration, Everybody’s Begging, that was given a 5 star review in The Australian.

Conway & Zygier have pursued careers of extra curricular activities alongside the core business of writing, recording and performing their songs. These have included producing the national concert series called Broad of all female singer/songwriters 2005 – 2008, Conway took on the role of Artistic Director for the Queensland Music Festival 2009 – 2011 and currently they are the Festival Director & Artistic Director for The Shir Madness Melbourne Jewish Music Festival.

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8.15pm Fresh Comedy

Due to popular demand a two hour line up of local and interstate comedy is coming to Festivale in 2018, more details coming soon.


VJAM Stage Lineup ....


5.30pm - Mangus & Co

6.45pm - 1-4-U

8.00pm - JR Reyne and the Paradise Three

9.30pm - Claire Bowditch


11.00am - The Fergusons

11.45am - Mumbo Jumbo

12.45pm - Cody Gunton

1.45pm - Ange Boxall

3.00pm - The Embers

4.15pm - Last Train

5.15pm - 'Best Stall' Awards" 

5.30pm - Pete Cornelius & The Devilles

6.45pm - Agent 99

8.00pm - Reece Mastin

9.30pm - CHOIRBOYS


10.00am - Ross Challender Big Band

12.00pm - Deborah Conway accompanied by Willy Zygier

1.30pm - Renee Geyer

3.00pm - Bad Dad Orchestra


KPMG Stage Lineup ....


5.30pm -   Mason Waller - RAW 2 Runner up

6.15pm - Medhanit Barratt; - RAW 2 Winner

7.00pm - S & M

8.15pm - Fresh Comedy - Line Up to be announced November


11.00am - Denni Sulzberger

12.00pm - RAW 3 - Live Talent Competition 2018 

2.45pm - Isla Ka

3.45pm - RAW 3 Competition Winner 2018

4.30pm - Pretty Little Things

5.45pm - Phoebe Divona RAW 1 Winner accompanied by Travis Henessey  

7.00pm - 5th Avenue

8.15pm - Brandish

9.30pm - Bad Beef


10.15am - Classique Dance Centre

11.00am - Tapestry Dance Studio

11.45am - Aileen Poynter Irish Dancers

12.30pm -  Jim Smyth RAW 2 Second Runner Up

1.30pm - Tori & Andy

2.45pm - Paper Souls

Purchase tickets here via Ticketbooth.


Plus roving entertainers, activities and entertainment for the kids ....

Ninth Island International Street Performers and TinyTop - Smallest Circus Tent 

Hula hoops, acrobatics, freaky body contortions – acts that will make you hold your breath in anticipation and excitement! Expect the unexpected, lots of fun and laughs galore. Over the coming weeks we will contine to release the who's who of our International Street Performers.

Samora Squid

"The stretchy, slimy and strangely sexy sweet-heart of sideshow, Samora Squid Swallows Swords, sings songs and bends his body into the most bizarre contortion positions you have ever seen!"

Shep Huntly

Shep Huntly has been performing his unique blend of family friendly circus and sideshow stunts on the streets of the world since 1990.  He has performed at the prestigious Edinburgh Festival 17 times, and is the resident host of the Circus Bigtop at Glastonbury Festival. He has performed four separate shows in the Sydney Opera House and made numerous TV appearances. 

Shep lies on the world’s only Bed of Forks, and has an audience member drop a bowling ball from a step ladder onto a dinner plate on his stomach. It’s explosive! His shows have lots of jokes, a little whip cracking, some great yo-yo tricks and one big acrobatic stunt.  Shep incorporates what can only be described as urban clowning into his performances and his audiences often squeal with delight at his antics.

Joe Fisher

Clean, crisp and immensely satisfying to watch, Joe Fisher's impeccably timed and technically astonishing display of juggling, movement and rhythm has garnered rave reviews all around the world and seen him appear on stages at circus festivals from New Zealand to The Netherlands, the UK’s Glastonbury Festival and The Falls Festival.


Roving Performers 2018

Mr Marmalade

As if straight from an old, sepia photograph, Mr Marmalade's enchanting presence will cast you into a surreal world of vaudeville charm and mystical enchantment. This talented magician is simply like no other, effortlessly capturing your imagination and awakening your in ner child.

Electra Android & her Inventor

Towering at almost 4m tall, Electra Android is an elegant, silver spectac le who will be exploring Festivale with her Inventor. Electra has a childlike innocence and her In ventor encourages her to learn more about human interaction. Partially voice activated, there is also a remote control which the Inventor occasionally allows people to operate; but there are a few bugs in the system and sometimes Electra goes haywire!

Giant Teddy Bears

Every teddy bear loves a good picnic, and none more than these two. The Giant Teddy Bears prove that bigger is better - they have big personalities and even bigger appetit es. The only thing that growls on these bears are their stomachs! Come up close and give them a bear hug - but please don't offer them Teddy Bear biscuits; because they'll eat their hearts out!

Sitting Man

A living statue like no other, Sitting Man is one of the wonders of the world. A beautiful combination of illusion and living statue. Performed by Jack Dan, this statue is based on statues of James Joyce in Dublin Ireland. Is he sitting? Is he floating? Is he doing both?


Back from the brink of extinction, the Bandicoots are your classic Aussie Battlers, with a furry twist. With a backwards pouch, strips on their back and twinkle in their eye these Bandicoots are unique in more ways than one, with attitude to match. These endearing critters can crank up a dance routine and can't wait to show off their survival skills. No cats or foxes allowed!


Bellamy Organic's Kids Kingdom


You’ll find Kid I Am in the big tent again this year, with hands-on activities for kids aged 3-12 years throughout the entire weekend. The tent will feature a Craft Zone and a Brain Zone.  In the Craft Zone, kids can explore their artistic side, make a designer jewellery piece, and get hands on with a woodwork activity.  In the Brain Zone, kids can challenge each other at stimulating yet fun games; participate in science experiments; and expand and engage their minds.


Equipment and activities for 0-5 age group.


Ticket Sales

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