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Saturday Entertainment Guide 2018


9.30pm Headline – CHOIRBOYS

“It  was  the  beginning  of  something  that  every  kid  dreams  about,  starting  a  rock  'n'  roll  band  with  a bunch  of  friends  and  not  knowing  what  would  happen  next.”  -  Mark  Gable,  founding  member of CHOIRBOYS.

The  iconic CHOIRBOYS  are now  an  essential  part  of  our  Australian culture having  penned  one  of Australia’s  unofficial  anthems  ‘Run  To  Paradise’.  With other  great  Aussie  rock  hits such as ‘Boys Will Be Boys’, ‘Struggle Town’ and ‘Never Gonna Die’, the CHOIRBOYS epitomise the essence of the Australian pub-culture are viewed by many as the quintessential Australian rock band.  It is a fact that CHOIRBOYS have been entertaining the young and old for 30 years. They have multi-platinum albums and have survived when so many others have fallen.


8.00pm – Reece Mastin

"I'm pretty much sold on the rock 'n roll lifestyle and I wouldn't wanna give it up for anything in the world! I'm giving it all I've got with this album, and I want my fans to feel the spirit of good times throughout." says Reece Mastin.

Reece Mastin is the sound of now. He is the unequivocal breakout pop-star of 2012. Since winning The X-Factor in late 2011, the then seventeen year old  amassed a stockpile of  achievements including a 2 x Platinum #1 album, three consecutive chart-topping, radio-blasting singles (Aria Chart #1, #2, and #1 singles respectively), and most recently, a Platinum #1 DVD release. With his new album BEAUTIFUL NIGHTMARE released in 2012, Reece Mastin is set to cause further chaos on the charts, and is destined to become an even bigger Rock$tar.

Reece Mastin performing

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VJAM Stage Lineup ....


11.00am - The Fergusons

11.45am - Mumbo Jumbo

12.45pm - Cody Gunton

1.45pm - Ange Boxall

3.00pm - The Embers

4.15pm - Fast Train

5.15pm - 'Best Stall' Awards

5.30pm - Pete Cornelius & The Devilles

6.45pm - Agent 99

8.00pm - Reece Mastin

9.30pm - CHOIRBOYS


KPMG Stage Lineup ....


11.00am - Denni Sulzberger

12.00pm - RAW 3 - Live Talent Competition 2018 

2.45pm - Isla Ka

3.45pm - RAW 3 Competition Winner 2018

4.30pm - Pretty Little Things

5.45pm - Phoebe Divona RAW 1 Winner accompanied by Travis Henessey  

7.00pm - 5th Avenue

8.15pm - Brandish

9.30pm - Bad Beef

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Ninth Island International Street Performers and The TinyTop - Smallest Circus Tent 

Hula hoops, acrobatics, freaky body contortions – acts that will make you hold your breath in anticipation and excitement! Expect the unexpected, lots of fun and laughs galore.

See our International Street Performers here.

Roving Performers 2018

See Mr Marmalade, Electra Android & her Inventor, the Giant Teddy Bears and more!

See our Roving Performers here.

Bellamy’s Organic Kid's Kingdom


You’ll find Kid I Am in the big tent again this year, with hands-on activities for kids aged 3-12 years throughout the entire weekend. The tent will feature a Craft Zone and a Brain Zone.  In the Craft Zone, kids can explore their artistic side, make a designer jewellery piece, and get hands on with a woodwork activity.  In the Brain Zone, kids can challenge each other at stimulating yet fun games; participate in science experiments; and expand and engage their minds.


Equipment and activities for 0-5 age group.

Kid's Kingdom open Saturday 11am - 8pm.


Ticket Sales

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