• Roving and Busking #1
  • Roving and Busking #3
  • Roving and Busking #4
  • Roving and Busking #4

Roving Performers at Festivale 2018

Mr Marmalade

As if straight from an old, sepia photograph, Mr Marmalade’s enchanting presence will cast you into a surreal world of vaudeville charm and mystical enchantment. This talented magician is simply like no other, effortlessly capturing your imagination and awakening your inner child.

Mr Marmalade performing

Electra Android & her Inventor

Towering at almost 4m tall, Electra Android is an elegant, silver spectacle who will be exploring Festivale with her Inventor. Electra has a childlike innocence and her Inventor encourages her to learn more about human interaction. Partially voice activated, there is also a remote control which the Inventor occasionally allows people to operate; but there are a few bugs in the system and sometimes Electra goes haywire!

Electra Android & her Inventor performing 

Giant Teddy Bears

Every teddy bear loves a good picnic, and none more than these two. The Giant Teddy Bears prove that bigger is better - they have big personalities and even bigger appetites. The only thing that growls on these bears are their stomachs! Come up close and give them a bear hug - but please don't offer them Teddy Bear biscuits; because they'll eat their hearts out!

Giant Teddy Bears performing

Sitting Man

A living statue like no other, Sitting Man is one of the wonders of the world. A beautiful combination of illusion and living statue. Performed by Jack Dan, this statue is based on statues of James Joyce in Dublin Ireland. Is he sitting? Is he floating? Is he doing both?

Sitting Man performing 


Back from the brink of extinction, the Bandicoots are your classic Aussie Battlers, with a furry twist. With a backwards pouch, strips on their back and twinkle in their eye these Bandicoots are unique in more ways than one, with attitude to match. These endearing critters can crank up a dance routine and can't wait to show off their survival skills. No cats or foxes allowed! 

Bandicoots performing




Bellamy’s Organic Kid's Kingdom


You’ll find Kid I Am in the big tent again this year, with hands-on activities for kids aged 3-12 years throughout the entire weekend. The tent will feature a Craft Zone and a Brain Zone.  In the Craft Zone, kids can explore their artistic side, make a designer jewellery piece, and get hands on with a woodwork activity.  In the Brain Zone, kids can challenge each other at stimulating yet fun games; participate in science experiments; and expand and engage their minds.


Equipment and activities for 0-5 age group.

Kid's Kingdom open Friday 5.45pm - 8pm


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