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  • Roving and Busking #4

Ninth Island International Street Performers and The Tiny Top at Festivale 2018

Hula hoops, acrobatics, freaky body contortions – acts that will make you hold your breath in anticipation and excitement! Expect the unexpected, lots of fun and laughs galore.


Mr.Gørski is the salon juggler extraordinaire, has to be seen to be believed, making ordinary objects do extraordinary things. If you look closely you may recognised him as Jango from ABC's Hoopla Doopla.  The comedy is perfect, the clowning exceptional, and irresistibly funny. Gorsky does what others can't. See him in The Tiny Top.

Mr Gorski performing

Clare Bindoff

Clare will present fun hula hooping sessions for adults and children between the International performers. For someone who has never tried hula hoops to the experts, because she is an expert and she is fun. Recommended for all ages.

Clare Bindoff performing

Fearless Feats

Wild aerial artist performing a family friendly aerial spectacular for the first time at Festivale. A show full of extraordinary feats of fun and daring. Watch Adie fly through the air with the greatest of ease, on the Street on the trapeze.

Fearless Feats performing 

Gaga and Toto

Watch Gaga and Toto exclusively in The Tiny Top. From their comic torn and restored newspaper routine to the famous Houdini Sword Box of Death, Toto is handcuffed, blindfolded, locked in a tiny box and speared through the body by Gaga as the audience laugh and gasp. They mix music, clown, magic, audience involvement and physical comedy to present a world class spectacular.

Gaga and Toto performing

Jess Love

The Jess Love Team is a jam packed, high energy, clown condensed 40 mins of fun and mayhem. Performed by award winning internationally renowned circus artist Jess Love. She will amaze, amuse and confuse. She will flip, fall and skip. She will hoop, hop and bop. Direct from Europe to Launceston with a suitcase full of nonsense and a heart of gold. Come and be a part of The Jess Love Team, performing on the Street and in The Tiny Top

Jess Love performing

Samora Squid

"The stretchy, slimy and strangely sexy sweet-heart of sideshow, Samora Squid Swallows Swords, sings songs and bends his body into the most bizarre contortion positions you have ever seen!"

Samora Squid performing

Shep Huntly

Shep Huntly has been performing his unique blend of family friendly circus and sideshow stunts on the streets of the world since 1990.  He has performed at the prestigious Edinburgh Festival 17 times, and is the resident host of the Circus Bigtop at Glastonbury Festival. He has performed four separate shows in the Sydney Opera House and made numerous TV appearances. Shep lies on the world’s only Bed of Forks, and has an audience member drop a bowling ball from a step ladder onto a dinner plate on his stomach. It’s explosive! His shows have lots of jokes, a little whip cracking, some great yo-yo tricks and one big acrobatic stunt. Shep incorporates what can only be described as urban clowning into his performances and his audiences often squeal with delight at his antics.

Shep Huntly performing

Joe Fisher

Clean, crisp and immensely satisfying to watch, Joe Fisher's impeccably timed and technically astonishing display of juggling, movement and rhythm has garnered rave reviews all around the world and seen him appear on stages at circus festivals from New Zealand to The Netherlands, at the UK’s Glastonbury Festival and The Falls Festival.

Joe Fisher performing



Bellamy’s Organic Kid's Kingdom


You’ll find Kid I Am in the big tent again this year, with hands-on activities for kids aged 3-12 years throughout the entire weekend. The tent will feature a Craft Zone and a Brain Zone.  In the Craft Zone, kids can explore their artistic side, make a designer jewellery piece, and get hands on with a woodwork activity.  In the Brain Zone, kids can challenge each other at stimulating yet fun games; participate in science experiments; and expand and engage their minds.


Equipment and activities for 0-5 age group.

Kid's Kingdom open Friday 5.45pm - 8pm


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