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Experience tasmania’s premium food & beverage

experience tasmania’s FABULOUS FOOD

Not only do we have the freshest gastronomic experience in Tasmania, we also have the chefs who bring it to life.

Festivale is well known for the quality of the food on offer. Our patrons are regularly seeking new and engaging culinary experiences, they go away from our event, year in and year out, satisfied. Be it new ingredients, or new methods for preparing traditional ingredients, the art of cuisine and the creativity of gastronomy is always on display. We are sure you will enjoy sampling the many offerings available to you from some of our top producers.​

experience tasmania’s premium beer

Festivale is a wonderful showcase of the diversity of the beer industry in this current day and age. Tasmania is at the heart of the craft beer revolution, and with the strong focus on provenance and personal stories, there is no better place to taste beers that are brewed with local ingredients … the key 4: barley, hops, yeast and water. With all 4 of these ingredients having a deep seated home in Tasmania, it’s only natural that we are leading the country with the quality of our beers.

The cornerstone of the beer industry in northern Tasmania has long been James Boags and they, along with a number of craft brewers are pushing the boundaries.

Experience offerings from around the state and find your new favourite.

experience tasmania’s WONDERFUL WINE

Tasmania is reknown for its cool climate wines – where else could you try so many varieties all in the one place.

There is no hotter, or cooler, place for wine in Australia right now than Tasmania. And don’t we do it well …

If it’s innovation and experimentation fused with traditional classics and hallmark styles you’re looking for, then Festivale is your ultimate destination for premium wine. With so many high quality and consistently lauded wines in Tasmania, selecting wine stallholders is incredibly difficult as we want them all! Variety, style, terroir … we have them all, but then we also have our fabulous vignerons who are constantly pushing us to drink better.

experience tasmania’s SENSATIONAL SPIRITS

Unless you’ve been living under a gastronomic rock, you would be well across Tasmania’s ultra-premium and ultra-pristine spirits industry.

This rapidly growing industry is producing some excellent products. Try our local whiskys, gins and vodkas.


Thanks to our founding father of the Tasmanian spirits industry, Bill Lark, Tasmania has been catapulted to the top of the spirits industry worldwide.  Native botanicals for our gin, local peat for our whiskies or repurposed commodities such as potatoes for our vodkas, we are at the leading edge for innovation in this beverages category.  Festivale showcases the breadth of offerings at the one location, over the one weekend.

experience tasmania’s REFRESHING CIDER

From the “Apple Isle” to the “Cider Bottle” – taste an array of ciders brewed using various methods.

Tasmania is fast becoming known as ‘The Cider Isle’, thanks to the innovative producers in Tasmania who have converted the downturn in the eating apple industry into a value adding success story.

Festivale is delighted to be able to showcase the depth in the Tasmanian cider industry.  Whether you’re into your traditional apples and modern cidermaking, or eating apples and traditional cidermaking, or any variation thereof … Festivale has them all!  This is a beverage with a deep connection to Tasmania, and with such fantastic local apples and pears to use, it is no surprise that the resulting quality is astounding.

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